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Life is one giant playground 😊

It's hard to imagine that one year has already passed since our two books' official launch.

Namaste, and Are you a Snow Leopard? are like my firstborn. Just like Liam, who turned six, those two books will always bring me back to the moment when my life changed for the better. A once-in-a-lifetime moment kind of way! Luckily, I could have two moments and, in a month's time, we will celebrate Elijah, who will turn three years.

Although I wish I could be dedicating more time to do more of this, I also acknowledge that I am still learning and balancing the various roles and phases of my life.

Setting up shop ain't supposed to be easy - so they say! I can definitely agree. The list of things to do will never cease, and it's just your shot to call to find calm and prioritize. Just like now, prioritizing this moment to cherish the past year and to gear up for what's to come. And there is definitely more to come, and I can't wait. More to come on this in the next few posts, so hang tight and stay tuned.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some goodies that we put together to enjoy with the kids. On our website, we have created a small corner to keep the curious mind entertained. Mazes, connect the dots, colouring pages and more to come. And yes, they are downloadable and free - no strings attached, I promise.

So do check out OUR PLAYGROUND & give us a shout-out on Insta.

Ah, there you go, those strings 😉. Enjoy!

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