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Pinch me; October was surreal!

October was one intense month. I feel like I went all the way up to the moon and back! And believe me, I am no astronaut.

Taking off from my corporate job and travelling to Kathmandu, Nepal, for two weeks with my five-year-old was a true blessing. I could spend time with my parents and meet high school friends. The cherry on top was seeing my son hang out with my best friend's son, from initial shyness to rambunctious jumping and friendly punches!

And between it all, I accomplished my dream of launching the first two books of van Doesburg Creative works. Growing up, I never had it in my head that one day I would return to Kathmandu and launch books that I had created with the help of insanely creative people!

We hosted two book launches, each with a different purpose in mind. One was to share the books with a cohort of key enablers from various NGOs, doctors, educators, youth leaders and media influencers. The other was to share the books with our little readers and their caretakers. All in all, our goal was to spotlight the hard work behind the creation of the books and to gear up for future growth and collaboration.

I was putting affairs in order during my last days in Kathmandu - meeting bookstores and collaborators. Saying goodbye to the short visit left me sad yet hopeful!

Little did I know that I would immediately fall ill once I returned home to Zürich. Celebrating Deewali with my family amidst fever and chills was all I really wanted...NOT! But I guess this was a small price to pay for almost a year of working day and night to bring out Namaste and Are you a Snow Leopard to the world.

And now that I have recovered, my heart does beat with a mix of emotions - excitement, hope, anxiety, doubt and curiosity. A lot of what ifs, could I, should I, will I's swarm my restless mind.

And so this Monday morning, I pause and take a deep breath to celebrate all that has been achieved.

Pinch me; October was surreal indeed!

Look, mamma, pappa, we even made it on the newspaper cover!

The picture in the article encapsulates the essence of why I do what I do. A proud parent moment to share the stage with Liam, who is growing up to be a curious, self - aware and confident person!

Scroll through the little tidbits about me below. Nothing is set in stone, as I am still growing and learning to be myself.

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