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The guy behind the scene

A jack of all trades, master of some, but a geek at heart.

You will mostly hear this from Arthur when he is asked to introduce himself. Arthur is indeed the go-to guy for about anything - the jack of all trades.

Need to set up the website.

Arthur's your man!

Need to get help with some media formatting.

He is ready to roll.

Oops, there are some glitches here and there.

Guess what? Arthur's got your back.

But wait a minute, did we Search engine optimize?

Arthur's right on it.

How about building this concept of a van that shares knowledge?

Nailed it! That's right, the brain that helped with the name and setting up QueRy Van...

Arthur Ashish van Doesburg. Bravo! Bravo!

It's comforting to know that you have someone on your team to rely on for everything you don't know anything of. Well, sometimes you know 1%, and he will figure out the rest of the 99% for you.

Arthur is the guy behind the scene, silently tinkering away making it possible to share van Doesburg Creative Works with the world in this digital age! Arthur's asset is finding the finesse between what is user-friendly and simple yet conveys a personal appeal. And let's not forget he is doing this all on his off hours from his daily bread and butter work.

As a kid, Arthur has always been a kind soul ready to help anyone. We always worried people would take advantage of this, but now it feels like we probably need more Arthurs in this world!

Since the beginning, he has been there on this journey of building the website, the interactive interface and research for QueRy van, media content and more! He will always find a solution to whatever we bring to him. We spent hours and hours every week discussing the look & feel of our digital interface. As the "boss", it was easy because if he showed me something I felt was not quite right, I would ask him to change things up. However, the effort and time he put behind creating that prototype could easily be overlooked. And there were plenty of times that I could feel how crucial he was/is, especially if I tried to go into the backend to change up a few things. Clearly, my creativity and skills do not lie in the back end of technology.

And that is why my friends, the "geek at heart" guy, saved the day every single time!

Thanks, Arthur, for being a brother, confidant, and, recently, our digital designer!

To our readers, enjoy the click-through and get to know Arthur.

Get in touch with him:


Instagram: @arthurvandoesburg

Twitter: @thedoesburg

LinkedIn: aavdoesburg

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