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Kanchan Burathoki


i like to give every tree a little friend, everyone needs a little friend in life

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My Story:

Donec tincidunt nunc dignissim, porta mi sed, mollis nisi. In commodo egestas lorem quis aliquet. Integer volutpat vehicula tortor nec convallis. Nulla ut neque a sapien finibus convallis ac in nunc. Vivamus eu massa maximus, lobortis velit at, viverra velit. Sed vestibulum mi et congue venenatis. Suspendisse enim risus, viverra at tortor non, feugiat tincidunt odio. Suspendisse cursus lacus sit amet libero suscipit luctus. Cras eu faucibus odio. Nullam eget arcu sed est sollicitudin suscipit vel id ipsum.

Why I do what I do:

I am Passionate UI/UX Designer who is focused on creating meaningful experiences through design. Fuelled by the philosophy that if you cannot imagine it, you cannot build it. I like prototyping as it allows me to think through the interaction model and map all possibilities and find new opportunities. Coming from contrasting backgrounds and a mixed mash of cultures, I have been able to appreciate the variety of diversity there is in this world. This fact has inspired me to learn more about the various ways in which people interact, and their different ways of life. Which in turn brings me to different types of design and that there are many different solutions to a problem. I want this to come across in the experiences I design so as to convey my client's stories

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What's in My Bag

The five things that I will be taking with me to my favourite vacation spot are

Bio Arthur - Item 1 Switch.jpg

My Switch

Bio Arthur - Item 2 Book.jpg

A Book

Bio Arthur - Item 3 Phone.jpg

My Phone

Bio Arthur - Item 4 Atlas.jpg

World Atlas

Bio Arthur - Item 5 Powerbanks.jpg


10 Truth or Lies about me:

  • Nulla mi lorem, porta eget lacus at,

  • gravida tincidunt augue. Suspendisse nisl

  • ante, placerat at nulla ac,

  • vulputate egestas eros. Maecenas

  • ornare erat sed eleifend sagittis. Nullam et tellus ac augue lacinia fringilla accumsan

  • ac lorem. Maecenas tincidunt ligula quam, sed fringilla mauris efficitur eget.

  • Nulla ut laoreet ante. Suspendisse nulla massa, scelerisque sit

  • amet sem at, tempus gravida

  • enim. Quisque ullamcorper est

  • et turpis venenatis egestas.

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