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Are you a Snow Leopard Book Cover

Are you a
Snow Leopard?


Sandra Shiwani van Doesburg


Kanchan Burathoki

In our story, you met five gorgeous animals that live up in the mountainous parts of the Himalayan region. What do you know about these animals? Are you curious to find out more?

Hop onto our QueRy Van and ask some questions.

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Snow Leopard

Scientific name:
Panthera uncia

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Hiuko and Titktikey are more than happy to answer your queries
Hiuko and Tiktikey

(HIU- Snow & Ko - From)
From the snow

(Tik- Spot)

1. What do they do when it's not snowing?

2. How many babies can they have?

3. How many teeth do they have?

4. Are they the best hunters?

5. Do they like to swim?


Scientific name:
Bos grunniens

QR Yak.jpg
bg QR Nepal map.jpg
Ooney is here happy to answer your questions

(Oon - Wool)

1. Why do they have so much hair?

2. How do they feed their babies with so much hair?

3. Do they fight each other?

4. Why do they have horns?

5. Do they also eat flowers?

QR Bluesheep.jpg

Blue Sheep

Scientific name:
Pseudois nayaur

bg QR Nepal map.jpg
Chulbuli will guide you to your answers

1. Do they like to climb?

2. Can they run fast?

3. Where do they live?

4. Are they related to the "steinbock/capricorn"?

5. Will they always remain small?

(Chulbul - high spirited)

Black Bear

Scientific name:
Ursus thibetanus

QR Black Bear.jpg
bg QR Nepal map.jpg
Jooney will try to satisfy your curiosity

(Joon - Moon)

1. Why do they have black fur?

2. How old can they get?

3. Is a black bear stronger than an elephant?

4. Where is the black bear’s family?

5. Do they sleep a lot?

QR Red Panda.jpg

Red Panda

Scientific name:
Ailurus fulgens

bg QR Nepal map.jpg
Bhukule will try his best to be of help

(Bhuku- Cuddly and Chubby)

1. Why is it called red panda, if it also has white & black?

2. Why do they have whiskers?

3. Why do they live in trees and not on the ground like bears?

4. Are they more like a cat or bear?

5. How do they sound like?



Kanchan is an artist based in Kathmandu. Along with pursuing her independent artistic practice, she works as an illustrator and a designer for multimedia studio Sixwasnine Design and clothing brand 108 wears. She has previously worked as an Administration Assistant in the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Chungba Sherpa.png


Chungba Sherpa is a notable wildlife photographer based in Nepal. His 
leading portfolio consists of birds, highland and lowland mammals, 
landscapes, mountains, portraits, aviation and sports. Chungba is one 
of the very few who have gotten up close to a Snow Leopard. 

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