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Niranjan Kunwar


is getting better at absorbing  Nepal’s earthy energy in order to balance its rugged madness. 

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My Story:


Why I do what I do:

Much of my work is guided by social justice issues. My professional training in education revealed how making time for the arts or for stories is directly connected to one’s values and vision for equity and harmony. I also believe that working for young peoples is one way to hold on to hope. 


Believes in the power of art and stories to create magic. And is in the process of fine tuning his cosmic connections. 

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What's in My Bag

The five things that I will be taking with me to my favourite vacation spot are

A Book

A Notepad

Beach Towel



10 Truth or Lies about me:

  • ...cycles around the city. 

  • a vegetarian.

  • ...wanted to be Hanuman when he grew up. 

  • ...has a daughter.

  • ...has spent six months in rehab. 

  • ...used to teach in Brooklyn. 

  • ...has been inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

  • ...was a child actor in two television shows.

  • ...has published a memoir. 

  • ...has interned with GoN’s Ministry of Education. 

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