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QueRy Van™

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QueRious Explorers

Experiantal Storytelling

<Curious Writer>

followed by Creative Drawings

<Creative Artist>

Lunge into the zoo and find the secrets hidden within


Aren't you a Curious one?

This is not meant to be seen yet. 

But coming soon, to a site near you


Here is how it all began!

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Here is what you have to do

Go around the zoo

collect the qr vans

read them

answer the questions

fill in the crossword

win ice cream

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Roads Background
Query Van

Our QueRy Vans have gathered the questions from Hiuko and friends. We're certain that there's something new and interesting for you to find.

We have put up some QueRy Van cards across the zoo for you to find and help you with the assignment. You can sneak a peek below

Click the buttons for more information

Zoo Map.png

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