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Our Creative Works

Namaste Book Cover

Ages 0 - 3

Mountains, musical instruments, animals, patterns and more!

Targeted for infants, this picture book contains beautiful high-contrast images from Nepal.

Are you a snow leopard Book Cover

Ages 2 - 5

“I wish I had a friend,” Hiuko, a lonesome snow leopard, wonders.

One day, she decides to go searching for one. On her journey, she encounters several - a brown yak, a blue sheep, a black bear and a red panda - as well as another snow leopard, Tiktikey. 
In the end, she reflects how a search

for one friend led her to many.

* All transactions will be processed in Swiss Francs (CHF)


Book trailer by Sixwasnine Design Nepal.

Music credit to Brihat Pahari.

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