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Daydream - Part 2

We believe in experiential learning.

By learning through reflection on doing, we want to help our readers to freely explore their emotions and thoughts, understand how to learn from them and learn from the experience of others.

So, when you experience our stories with your family, friends or just alone, know that we work with creative people across the world to give our stories meaning. That the daydreams in our stories resonate with you.

Through experiential storytelling, we want both children and their caretakers to go through an immersive experience. Through the shared experience of reading, children can develop their reading skills and vocabulary. The illustrations will help to convey the unspoken meanings behind the story. Overall the various stories will allow children to explore various themes and overall have exciting conversations.

What is QueRy Van?

By integrating "Query and Quick Response Codes", we would like to further engage our readers with the characters and the worlds within our books.

QueRy van will be our educational vehicle through which we will engage in meaningful dialogues whether just with children or their caretakers or both simultaneously.

Our QueRy Vans gather both informative and entertaining tidbits for our readers so that there's something new to find out. By learning more about the characters in our stories, we hope that our readers will feel connected to our stories and also empathise with situations that they may not experience.

Explore our QueRy van and join us on this experiential storytelling journey!

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