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Daydream - Part 3

Life is full of daydreams.

Some are just daydreams, while others are our inner voices telling us to be curious, self-aware, and confident to go out and take a chance on ourselves. To go out and navigate the world with empathy, trust, and humour.

We want children to be curious about the storyline, characters, words and

illustrations. Curious to learn more about another person, race, animal, country, culture or family dynamic.

We want children to be self-aware. Could this be me? How are my actions impacting others? How can I empathize and understand the various people, animals, and cultures that are out there in this world?

We want children to be confident. Confident & accept that it is incredible to be different. Confident & empowered to share with other people their differences and similarities. Confident to speak out and defend a world of tolerance and empathy.

We are excited to bring our stories to you and to get the chance to hear yours.

Hop on our Query van and join us in igniting curiosity, self-awareness, and confidence in children through experiential storytelling.

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