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Create your Reality - Kathmandu 2023

Two weeks…. seems long and short at the same time. Too long to be away from my husband and my two boys and too short to spend enough time with my parents and friends in Kathmandu. However, I can say that it was the right time to be here and to get what I had to get done!

The first few days after landing in Kathmandu, I took time to visualize all I had laid ahead of me for the coming 10 days. It was a jam-packed schedule considering I would be logging on late afternoons/nights to connect with my teams back in Europe for my "other" job. A mix of giddiness and anxiety engulfed me these past few days, as I had no clue how some of the events would pan out.

  1. Book tours with children and teachers from various schools.

  2. Experimental Experiential workshop with schoolteachers, creative enablers, and conservationists.

  3. Creative aspiration talks with authors, illustrators, and bookstores.

  4. Sourcing local printers and learning about the mind-blowing printing process.

  5. Heartwarming interviews about people who help conserve our ecosystem.

In 5 bullet points…yes, I just summarized 2 weeks in FIVE bullets. These indispensable days have expanded my network and knowledge about the book industry. More importantly, it has elevated the purpose of what I want to accomplish.

I asked the children if they loved daydreaming in all the read-aloud sessions. Immediately hands would go up, and cheers would erupt in the room. And so did my heart as I cheered on with them all.

Daydream and jot it all down! I did this for many years until one day, I stopped because, well..just because. Adulthood happened. Expectations happened. Don't get me wrong, I have zero regrets. I am who I am today because I made these decisions all along. I was determined to study and do what I am today, working with professionals and enabling their capabilities. This journey most likely makes me more mindful of bringing out books that ignite curiosity, self-awareness, and confidence in children and allow adults to leverage the stories and characters to enable their capabilities as change-makers.

Create your REALITY! This was my conviction for the weeks that I was in Kathmandu. And let's be honest; there will be times we all need help and support to get there. I am grateful for having an incredible partner who gives me this space to grow and explore despite all the parental responsibilities that sometimes gearshifts our relationship into transactional partners. I am grateful for my parents and siblings, that believe in me and are there for me to lean on. I am thankful for friends who have paved paths I can learn from. And now, I am grateful for the new friends, partners, and collaborators I will work with.

I ponder and internalize this gratitude as I look over the Himalayan peaks whilst flying over Nepal…..aaaaainch such a cliche….

I ponder and internalize this gratitude as I look over hundreds of humans hustling through the security line at the TIA airport. It's loud and freeing! I look at the smiles of the tourists who for sure had a great time here basking in the Nepali hospitality and warmth. I look at the bittersweet grins of all those who had to say goodbye to their families.

And so I took this selfie to capture my tired yet happy/sad face getting ready to hustle through the security line with all the rest of my fellow travellers who are on their own paths of creating their reality.

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