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Namaste World - Meet Karuna, our brilliant illustrator.

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Reconnecting with Karuna was destiny. It was the right time, the right Instagram post type of thing.

I had just decided to set up van Doesburg Creative works. As I was working on the business plan, work was already underway with Are you a Snow Leopard with Kanchan. I was brainstorming on doing a high-contrast book for Newborns and wanted this to be a book about sharing highlights from Nepal. Now, if only I could draw myself.

And just then, as if Nepal was sending vibes throughout the universe, I logged into Insta to get my daily dose, and I saw Karuna post some wonderful black and white self-made paintings for Leif. The Dino was my favourite.

@Karuna - you need to reshare these awesome pics with the world again. This way, they can see the end product it led to Namaste - greeting your baby with the high contrast world of Nepal.

"When I had my son Leif, I started learning about the cognitive development of babies. I came across studies that suggested that high-contrast images promote eye-brain connection in babies. I started making Leif black-and-white images of simple shapes to look at during his playtime. Leif loved it! He cooed and smiled and happily spent his time looking at them. "

Karuna is a brilliant mind. Not only is she a biology professor but also a Flora Love. Check out some of her creations that make you feel tuned to nature.

Follow Karuna on her journey as an illustrator.


Enjoy this trailer that gives you a glimpse into the wonderful illustrations.

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