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The Date

August 20th, 2022 - a date to be remembered.

Past Saturday was a day for celebrations. It's not every day you get your family and friends together to celebrate your kid's Big Five and the official launch of your books and company!

The day was not about making sales or promoting the books; it was a day to share your journey thus far with your close ones. To share the end product you spent countless days and nights creating, shaping and bringing to life.

August 20th, 2022 - a date to be cherished.

On this day, I realized my little boy was genuinely entering the next phase of his life. Together with his friends, you could see the sparkle and love they had for each other being all there together, running around and munching on delicious cupcakes. When he spontaneously insisted on reading both books to our guests, I observed this kid was not so little anymore.

At that moment, I felt closer to the aspirations as a storyteller, and as a publisher our books could convey.

Igniting curiosity, self-awareness and confidence in children through experiential storytelling.

The journey has only just begun. There will be lots of trials and errors, lots of planning, creating and doing but more importantly, lots of stories to be shared and experiences to be lived.

In the meantime, hop on to our QueRy Van and experience our books!

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