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Toasting the grins and frowns of 2022

Is it really over? Yep!

Are you like me, walking into January with a haze and glaze? Not even sure what that means. But I guess that is precisely the point.

2022 what a year! It felt like the coolest yet hardest, challenging yet many opportunities. Many grins and frowns helped contour my cheeky face.

During the year's first half, I yearned to have the books ready and final to share with the world. I grinned from ear to ear as I saw the books come to life. I am not sure I frowned much other than I wanted to make sure I tempered myself.

In August, the books were launched in Zurich and later in October in Kathmandu. What a sensation to see the books in the hands of customers and readers. To feel the warmth of people who acknowledged the work we all put into the books. It made me hopeful for more to come.

And there, bam, the frown set in. Breaking into the market - not as easy breezy. And why should it be? Yet, in the whole journey thus far, this has been the first time I felt my frown etch deeper into my face.

While setting up the distribution and sales channel in Nepal has been much more accessible, Switzerland has been another ball game. Here you can feel the traditional industry stand its ground. It sure bears over me, looking down, questioning why an independent startup publisher could break through. I frown, and I frown as this "thing" looms over me.

I frowned some more, feeling slightly tired of feeling this way. The year is going to end. Do I really want this frown to set the tone?

And so I pull myself and put a grin on my face. This "thing" that looms over me - is and will become my friend. It will be the "thing" that will make the stories reach more readers. It will help us achieve our aspiration of igniting curiosity, self - awareness and confidence in children through experiential storytelling. There are 357 days left in 2023, and I will surely be grinning and frowning a lot more for all that is to come.

The grins and the frowns. The frowns and the grins.

Zum Wohl. Cheers. Proost.

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