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Inspiration starts with a connection

An editor polishes away in the shadows for the writer to get that extra shine.

Our two books - "Namaste" and "Are you a Snow Leopard?" - are refined thanks to the meticulous and thoughtful work of Niranjan Kunwar.

Niranjan Kunwar is a writer/educator shaping Nepal's socio-cultural and educational landscapes to encourage teachers and students to create more spaces for creativity and critical thinking in their lives.

But to me, he is Niranjan Dai (big brother). Although we did not interact that much, we both went to the same boarding school many years ago, and for the little sparks we exchanged, I always knew he had a kind soul and that someday our paths would cross again.

And sure enough, it did! A few years back, I came across his writings and found him on Instagram. I followed his journey as he published Nepal's first queer memoir, Between Queens and the Cities.

I looked back at my messages and found my text to him as I asked him to work with me. After babbling on about what I was setting up and writing, I pitched to him where he fits in all of this. And now that we spent more than a year working together, I can only say that he is all that and even more.

This post is dedicated to you - Niranjan Dai, for indeed being the kind soul I could lean on for advice.

And, more importantly, for playing a fundamental role in bringing the story of Hiuko and her friends to life.

So it's only fair that the world gets to know these tidbits about you and find inspiration in this virtual connection.

Contact details of Niranjan Kunwar:

Instagram: @metronir

Twitter: @metronir

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